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Terrorism & Unity.

For many the horrors of the attacks are of a level we don’t understand. The death of innocents. And for many this brings them to levels where they consider how to stop the horror’s, because they fear the day it comes or comes back to their door.

I have heard many say rid the country of Islamic believers. But when some of the attackers held their religious views private then how to you eradicate it? The social issues it has created has not caused people to attack people who believe in Islam but it has led to people privately holding views that they wish that people who practice Islam were not in their specific country. So how? How do we as a people as humans stop this? I think that it comes down to people. British Muslims need to be able and need to discuss those that in their community who are becoming segregated and are a risk of falling into the hands of ISIS and such groups and those that are a risk of taking actions independantly. We live as a multi faith multi ethnic country and it is our role in that to respect eachothers cultures and respect eachothers exsistance. It always surprises me that various religous groups talk as if god put them here but cannot explain how we are all here no matter what religion. We share our shops,our schools,our hospitals All together. And non muslims need to realise too that when you treat every muslim person as if they are a terrorist we create more muslim people who segregate themselves from society and those are the very same segregated few that ISIS target to recruit and use to kill. It’s time for all sides to talk and stop making this a race row and start realising that we ALL live here and ALL run the risk of our families coming to harm. We share our schools,our streets,our hospitals,our play grounds,our world, together. If we don’t stand together now and choose who our fight is with then it’s our families that pay the price.


When No One Protects.

It was printed in a book given to all pregnant mothers. Important information telling mothers to avoid nuts during pregnancy but it was wrong. A mistake of epic proportions that has caused deaths and hundreds of children born with a fatal allergy. It was a admitted mistake, they have admitted they were wrong but never said sorry. This happened in the UK and the book was called the EveryBaby book, every pregnant woman who had a scan of her baby got one. This week Canada and the Usa warned mothers that babies need to have consume nuts as early as possible, mentioning the 4 month weaning stage. But in actual fact some children will already have a allergy and the best time to consume nuts safely at first is during pregnancy when the baby is protected by the mothers own antihistamines. The UK hasn’t put a warning out yet. I know it’s not a huge thing for people but it does affect you. We changed a lot of products through allergies because they had increased so much. But while our Government still doesn’t put out a warning, some mothers still believe that they can’t have nuts during pregnancy and are accidentally putting their babies and children at risk. The scary thing about this is that in that book, the explained the mothers antihistamines they explained the benefits of it twice including breastfeeding benefits but mothers were so scared of doing something wrong that they believed the mistake. I don’t think we live in a world where people don’t question the government advice ,eggs,wine all sorts we’ve been told and found out later it was a bit wrong. But this mistake? The government only admitted they were wrong and changed the information recently. The printed mistake? Was made 17 years ago…when I was pregnant with my son. I was lucky, my nan was a midwife and knew it was wrong and my son who was high risk for nut allergy was born without one. And is a cashew fiend Lol. That mistake is still killing children years after it was made. And while we won’t get an apology people deserve, we do need to make sure future generations don’t make the same mistakes and while trying to do the right thing put at risk the very child they are trying to protect.


Across many countries,  issues between ethnicities has been an issue that has led to divided society. Now… how do we understand it? Why is it that for some the colour of someone’s skin doesn’t matter and for some it invokes hate? What is really going on? I think the answer is a more unusual reason. Some time ago I heard a story of a man raised in a south African area where he had been the only white person in his school and he recalled how this had been something that made him feel segregated from the people around him and made him feel alone. Now there are two ways we can take this. On one hand we can understand loneliness but on the other hand,  we can also question why a child is unable to have anything in common with other children in the same school, area and of the same age? I think it very much comes down to people not hating the colour of a person’s skin but what they feel it represents, the culture of that person, and a society that teaches that we are all the same apart from our blood when really we do have physical differences but are taught that if we mention them that is a racist act. We also live in a society that causes a stop in people talking or asking about different cultures and, instead we learn of other cultures through media, tv and films and crimes where a specific ethnicity is mentioned. If you take culture and appearances like you would language then for some it is as if they are walking down the street in a world where not as many speak their language and not as many have their culture but because society has become a place where you cannot ask a person about their culture or their background because it is classed as a racist act there is only the media showing it’s representation of what it is to be Black or Jewish or polish or Asian. Each culture IS different and we do look different and society has to stop creating a world where asking or mentioning these facts or asking questions to a person with a difference ethnicity is a racial crime. Now…To make it clear Culture is NOT Religion. Religion is a personal choice mostly where as Culture although you can immerse yourself in any culture is a thing that has some roots in your racial and or your nation’s identity. We see this in part in the way the English language has spread across the world to such a point that despite originally most English speakers being British we now find that less British people speak multiple languages and occasionally complain when they are in a country that they expect should have English speakers Lol. I know English is a dominant language but expecting everyone anywhere to speak it is just greedy and you know it Lol. The thing is we ARE different from our friends that tan like they are a lobster, to our friends who believe they have rhythm because of the colour of their skin. We look different, we are different. But we also follow different cultures too . The person that has chosen to believe that the colour of someone’s skin means they might belong to a different culture and so won’t have things is common might not know that the black man he’s talking about is a abba fan and chelsea suporter from wigan!, Lol. And let’s be honest… there are people with your own skin colour from your own culture who live their life in a way you don’t like. There is always one person we know that we don’t particularly like. I happen not to like murderers or paedophiles, I really don’t care what colour nor culture they are from!.

We need to stop pretending we are the same and instead learn about each person not based on the colour of their skin but based on who they actually are. We live and die on the same dying world. So if you walk down a full street of humans and you still feel alone yet you aren’t just saying hi because of what you assume is their culture then only you have yourself to blame.

Brexit Exit Part 2.

Ok..So for some in theUk leaving the EU is a scary prospect mainly because we have been taught that the UK cannot survive without the EU . A lot of people are hoping that we will have some form of deals still in place with the EU ie soft exit of Brexit (liked that bit because it rhymed Lol) Sorry girly moment Lol. So lets bring this down to very much basics.

Think of the EU as a relationship and as a singular person that we share finance with and share duties with ie us doing certain things and he doing certain things and because Merkel is the “head” so to speak of the EU lets make the EU a She in the relationship and us the HE, now… We need to split up because she’s promised things would get better but they never did. So now…Do we leave the house and get our own house pay our own bills sort out our own things? Or…do we make a agreement with her to pay some bills still and still do some household chores? (ie keep some deals in place but not others?) Like in any relationship that has ended we know we have to say goodbye and that now we are not together both sides will now take control of it’s own bills and responsibilites. If we think of other countries as our grown up children then these children will still have a relationship with both parents and they choose what that should be.(If they decide to leave the EU too) No one is saying it will be easy but the divorce (Article 50) will be filed at the end of march and we will then begin to pay our own bills (make our own deals) . All relationships end and this one took some time to end but we can’t leave but not leave. We’re leaving the house and giving our keys back but it shouldn’t be the scary thing people feel. If anything ,with America saying they will deal with us too, if anything this is just a new adventure.

The Popular Girl part 2.

Ok…She really doesn’t like me does she?Lol

It’s one of those things that I have to admit that yes I although have very varied friends would not probably be friends with this girl but…Lol  Now…I of course as per did admit to hewhoshouldbeobeyed that this was happening and he explained to me that you cannot go through life being liked by everyone. Very correct and sensible thinking as usual. He’s totally right.

It bugs me that he is right, Lol.

Why doesn’t she like me?! LOL


Putin And The Hacking Scandal.

When someone does something and you aren’t sure 100% why or if they actually did it you have to ask yourself what was their goal. What benefits can they gain from this? So…Firstly we know that Putin did not affect the decision to elect Donald Trump. We know this because the choice to pick Trump over Clinton, for the most part, was because of jobs lost in rust belt areas. The trust issues with Clinton were an issue prior to her attempt to run for the Whitehouse and the main lies she was caught up in were ones she was caught on camera multiple times making.The American people also were honest about voting for Trump and so we can dismiss any idea that the hacking was in order to affect the elections. So…

Next, we come to a second idea. Trump is very much unknown but also a superpower who has been known to gain as much information as they can on persons of interest and Trump is of interest to many as it’s unknown what he can and will do in some respects. So let’s break this down…Putin delayed actually talking to Trump which would be the first step in getting to know someone but also during the election the Obama administration admitted not knowing themselves much about Trump and his intent in fact only after Trump was elected did Obama have that talk with trump so if it was to source information on Trump it wasn’t a very good source to go to.

Now let’s go to why it might be untrue…What could the possible gain actually be? Well there is one. To stick in the public mind because now Trump is in and nothing can be done about it but candidates will be trying to take him out of there in four years and they’ll start in earnest now by rehashing this and keeping it in the public eye whilst using fear to attempt to convince the American people. This won’t be over yet. They will keep on saying it until it is they think ingrained into people’s minds hacking Putin trump. But what puzzles me is if they were really concerned for the American people then why keep accusing a super power who has just said he wants a good relationship with America? And why again has there been issues over emails? And it is fundamental that the system used is one of the information being taken by using an application that requires you to put in your information meaning that staff at the Whitehouse placed their information into a link in an email that was new to them. Spam filters have been around for a while, you would think that they’d have at least equal sense to protect themselves but wait.. they did protect themselves..they had a password..and it was?! Password… Lol. Maybe next time someone is elected there should be one simple question first.

Hello perspective president, Have you got more internet capabilities than the average 11 year old? Lol

Geeks Are The New Hot, They Just Don’t Know It, Lol.

Now I know that people are going to say I am wrong Lol But…Long gone are the real days when geeks and nerds were classed as boys in their basements that you wouldn’t date because they were more interested in computer games! Those days are gone! but oddly the geek/nerd kingdom seem unaware of this fact, for the most part, Lol.

It was the horrible thing that girls just didn’t do the things that geeks did but with the advent of more girl games girls started to take part in more and more role play games and the geek kingdom barrier was breached Lol. Interestingly a new generation of tv and movies brought about this too. Those geek boys that were always quite intelligent but socially preferred their own social group and seemed very unsure of other groups with some hiding the fact they were secret geeks in order to mix socially as if being a geek was a bad thing. But there is a tendency amongst geeks to be loyal to their friends, to be full of facts and to be honest to those closest to them. And also to have a few secret talents of their own that definitely got over looked before by girls and boys, women and men. A new wave of tv like the big bang theory made women laugh. And films like twilight and 50 shades made girls and women notice the silent type just a little bit more…Films like Iron man and sherlock made them see the funnier side. But surprisingly a lot of geek/nerd kings aren’t fully aware of this shift in perception now.. this is up for debate if you think I’m wrong Lol . But if you haven’t joined in the geek revolution then you’re missing out because these girls and boys women and men are funny, quirky and each unique but don’t always put themselves out there because they haven’t fully realised their time has come, Lol. So if you are missing laughs and logic and someone loyal then you might be well advised to take a look into the geek.nerd kingdom. But be warned…Once you go never go back…

The Meaning Of Life.

Someone asked me that once. And there are days when I ask myself the same question. Those days when you see something so bad you just want someone to do something now but know in your heart of hearts that it too late. Those days when you see the horrors of the world. I think it lays very much in what you belief is the meaning of death. And the meaning of life itself is very much an individual thing. I think the main reason we ask it is because we deal with life in a way that doesn’t bring it as much joy as we want. When our time comes and we see our last morning we would like to think that we have made an impact, that we and those around us have been happy and that we have done the things we set out to all those years ago and that the world we leave we hope will look after those we are leaving. But life for many is a ground hog day of events with the moments we can grab for pleasure the only thing left when they get the chance. Many people find that they do wonder what the point is and know that their life has shaped into something that they know means unfulfilled dreams have now become those things they start a sentence by saying “I wanted” wanted…past tense as if it’s too late because people now realise that life is difficult and those once dreams are now memories of the dreams we had. We are in some ways thriving but surviving too not experiencing everything we want to and not satisfied with it totally. What is living to you?Are you surviving?doing all you need to do to pay your rent eat and look after family?a . Life doesn’t have to be perfect but we do give up on our dreams and don’t compromise to at least get them in part until the day where our dreams become a memory. We need to remember that surviving and living are two different things in some ways. We are still breathing either way but our life has become a balancing act and joy and the good things we take as a reward for all the hard work we are doing just to survive when really we don’t know how long we are here for and we should be teaching the next generations to prepare for futures they might have but to also live every moment they can too. So I still apart from the bad days Lol will always answer the same thing when someone asks me the question what is the meaning of life, I’ll always reply To Live It.

News That’s No Longer The Truth.

In today’s world where we are rushing about and where let’s face it we can sometimes have enough of “bad news” as in horror’s,We can be selective when it comes to the news we do watch and so for the most part when people watch the news we are affected by the news that instantly makes us think or is related to our concerns and because we live in this fast paced society we turn to the news for truth fast in actual fact we find it very a little bit paranoid when someone says that the media is lying Lol. So what do we do now?! Lol . During the presidential election national news stations lied to the public repeatedly and it wasn’t just American news outlets. British news lied repeatedly and in one live stream actually made an attempt to decieve the public during a trump gathering in whcih you can clearly hear a vast amount of people yet media reported around 2000 people were at the event. During that particular event Trump challenges the media to turn their camera’s and show how many people are there and states that they wont in fact do so. At that point,we have to admit that there is a little bit of thinking Trump himself is paranoid and yet…The press media did not as requested turn their camera’s. I was watching it believing that the media had in fact not caught up with this Florida visit and had not put the figures in correctly but it didn’t change and when searches were made to find pictures of the event streamed live that day the media had placed pictures of a airport hanger. Only the public revealed in personal pictures the actual truth that in fact there was thosands of people there,well surpassing 2000 in fact almost 5 x as many people there. This happened again with Clinton but in the oposite way. The public claiming they had been taken from area’s and transported to events by the Clinton group themselves and media reporting huge support for Clinton despite the public photo’s showing only upto 500 people in some cases. In the Orlando shooting again we see the public showing a very different story than the one given. A police force arriving with more police and more cars than that actual orange county police force has and the inexplicable: How does one man shoot all of those people with guns he would of had to reload and not one person confirm that he actually did reload his gun?And how was he able to injure so many people from one position that would actually cause him to not be able to see some people that were shot. Again the public were telling the truth as later it was found several people died as a result of gunfire by the police in the polices attempt to stop the situation. And CCTV from houses on the street showed a still unexplained Orange county police force in uniform carrying a injured man towards the club itself. Again the public were fundamental in showing people something was very wrong with the story that was given out in the begining. Then take the shooting where a German man is heard clearly to be saying I am a german. Several media outlets claimed they were not sure of what he yelled and stated it to be allah akbar. Despite us clearly hearing differently. During the actually shooting there is random shooting by the actual man himself which you can clearly see and hear but inbetween this you can hear a rapid firse sucession of bullets,practiced and noticably hitting near the shooter. The public stated it was under control and in actual fact they were saying what we now know to be fully true that a non uniformed off duty police officer was the rapid fire and within minutes of the shooter coming out of a bulding and starting to shoot the officer saw him and gave fire.Although this was later found to be a attack based on the shooters own feelings of segregation and belief in Islam he did not however state allah akbar he clearly states “I am a german” The public in these cases showed us the truth on their twitter on their facebooks and anyway they knew how. Our BBC news recently told us in an article how to look further into media to investigate if we were seeing the truth. It used to be them who told us the truth but sadly those days are gone. With papers seemingly following agenda’s as in the case of Clinton papers who faked her stats to sell more papers saying that she would win they had the proof! Lol. To reporting on yet another shooting but despite the public telling us it is a man who attacked in the name os islam our media is not reporting his religous intent nor many facts really. USA today actually do have details and those are confirmed by the public too as correct. But we shouldn’t have to pick and choose which news media is going to tell us the truth. And their personal views shouldn’t affect what they report either! The public deserve the truth as fast as it comes out ,not to have their news manipulated for political gain or for any other gain. They are acting like advertisers which title can we put that will sell more papers and please everyone kind of mindset. Although they have admitted they have lied recently and apologised in some cases me like many are looking forward to one of these media groups finally putting truth first and we will thank them for it. Until then? When I see news I ask what did the people there see and that’s the only way for now we can find out the actual story.

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