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Time And Tide.

I do suppose, that I’m writing this so that it gives hope to someone else but I’m unsure really. Though I’ve several best friends of both sexes the relationships can be different and always are. The thing with being female with some male best friends is that eventually they’ll be forced not to speak to you or as the title says, time and tide takes them away. I recently lost a best friend to this and for the first couple of days felt abject loss . I sent one last message to say goodbye but what got me was the next day a best friend who’d gone a year ago then rang me to say she was coming down to stay for a bit soon and told me! off for not being around much. Now I’d be stupid and lying to say that I didn’t miss my best friend before but that’s the thing, I’m 37 (Yes despite my geekish childishness,Lol) And the older I get the more I accept these move on’s. That said in the past 26 years I’ve only 2 freinds who we didn’t hear from again but one we do hear of. Maybe it’s age or maybe it’s realising that if someone wants to be here,they will be and if they don’t then you have to let that go and let them go do their thing and hope they have a good time. And when they,if they,come back welcome them as if it was yesterday. Time and tide might take your friends away for a while, but the friendship you feel with them is timeless when they come back.


Why Radical Islam,Will Never Fit.

The truth is no one really does say it. They work around saying it but they don’t actually say it. But if we were honest, people would call for all radical Islamists to be removed from every western country. Christianity isn’t a religion everyone follows but they are aware of it still and some of those values from it are still, even in a atheist brought into our lives without even realising, even if going to church isn’t our thing. But radical Islam is very much behind compared to the west, in fact it’s far far behind our evolved sense of what the west is. There are muslims who see themselves as Muslim because they come from Muslim families but they are culturally part of the country they are from and like members of the armed forces, are prepared to fight the country they’ve been born in or adopted but there are those and now we are seeing that those means thousands, that are fighting for sharia law in the west and demanding that people accept Islam in western countries and claiming oppression and racism if we don’t agree. The Horror’s Of Radical Islam the attacks mean we will never accept it and also it gives us reason not to. But also it brings more to it than that, when people see the hijab they’re reminded of those horrors and those fears and it isn’t a fear that has time to go away. It’s a fear that has been proven time and time again. Westernised Islam may always be accepted as a non-radical form, those that protect the western countries and support them and share culture with them.But Radical Islam will never be accepted, we are far, far past that a long time ago. If anything the rise in Christianity is more likely to happen. The downfall of radical Islam will not be because of racism, It will be because radicals have tried to force it upon the west and done so in a pressured way and made the mistake of claiming it’s racist, accusing us of something that isn’t true at all. When you accuse someone, when you talk down to them and make demands on them, when you claim that they are bad people for not believing in your ideology and then refuse to accept that members of your very ideology are killing us then you give strength and power for people to rise up and speak out. The West didn’t show people what Islam Is. Radical Islam did in it’s attacks.

Freedom Of Speech.

We’ve always had concerns over things we send or calls being listened to or seen. Even before we understood the technology we were thinking about it. But in actual fact we did fall into a pattern of believing what we saw, only to find out later it was a hoax or something worse. You might think this has nothing to do with you, but now more than ever it really does. From adverts to media the world is set up to get your opinion, your custom and your attention but slowly a new form has emerged that is grabbing your attention even more powerfully, from online shopping sites that tell you if you’re being ripped off by a supermarket to newspapers reporting about other papers practices,the truth has become a commodity but it goes slightly further than that. When people voted in the UK And when people voted in America we did something that made a loss for a vast amount of people. Our government felt sure that the UK would in fact choose to stay in the EU. You aren’t really supposed to think about these things,you’re supposed to see what they say and trust in it and do as you’re told,but…this time,not only did it not work. We all started talking and sharing the truth when we found it with each other.Politics being discussed when previously we just let governments get on with it. But now we’re watching them but don’t think that we will get the truth from them just yet…With the EU’S streaming of data already passed before Brexit meaning they can slow you down if too much information is put through at the same time and see it,And social media platforms changing rules one by one, and people all of the sudden unsure why certain things you post aren’t being seen in real time despite it actually being posted. Silencing you or minimising how much is seen is the new IN.  But there is good news, thanks to media’s mockery of “fake news” suggestions ,people have actually started to notice when things are fake news and we’re choosing how we respond and sharing more than ever,making it more lucrative for social platforms to allow freedom of speech than ever before…once that is they realise it.

It’s Not Racsim To Want Freedom

We live and breath in a world where we face the hardest of decisions and ones that we deny on a daily basis. In Countries in the west that are faster in their societies the other middle eastern societies still live in heavily religious governed states. We decide to accept others for a more mixed culture and to be diverse but we forget that although some may want the culture they move to.Others seek to only take the good parts of living in the west whilst still following outdated ideologies,these religions that hold people back. We want to say that we are the friendlier side of what the world can be but we forget that we are mixing two very different cultures and one that is at war with itself.I was raised in a very multi-ethnic household in a time when racism was current and yet racism then held no actual basis. I knew no Jamican out to cause war and harm others.However the religions people fear now are ones that have already cost the lives of many,despite us being giving in sharing our countries in the west. I asked the question if you are here fleeing a religion then why follow that same religion here?I was met with silence from the person I asked.All sides have to understand that when you abuse our culture and faiths because they don’t agree with your own and you disrespect our country because it is not following your doctrine this is not racism. It is because we are long passed having religions control the freedom of people,And Now you seek to push us back and destroy the developing culture we have and one that is based on multiple ethnicities. How can we follow an ideology that seeks our deaths?How can we follow one that has killed people in it’s name yesterday, today,every day? We conformed to allow certain fractions of society to follow their religions but that stopped when they tried to then enforce it upon us too. We bowed down to allow your freedoms in the hope you’d progress further but you only sought to bring us back to a religion where the murdering of non believers is acceptable. That’s not joining with us or accepting, that is dominating and harmful. The Left thinks that we standing up and demanding you see your error is racist but race and religion are not connected. Anyone can follow a religion. The Truth fair path is not to ask for privliages because of a religion or sex or anything else.Middle eastern countries are still behind and we cannot totally intervene in their actions because this will bring only further bloodshed. But people leaving those countries make it easier. Your government is not called into account when you leave and move elsewhere. You are only making it easier for them to escape justice and making it a long time still before they change. When you speak from here,you whisper. when you speak from there,you roar.

Why Not Learning About Politics Is Damaging To You And Your Family.

It’s is, of course one of those things that seems quite difficult to understand, and that’s why many of us leave it to those in politics to speak for us and represent us on the issues that affect us. It’s easy to start to read about it and decide that we cannot understand it so to leave us out of it. But… How many times have you wished the government changed something that annoys you or complained about a local council’s actions? From the smallest of things like bin collections to the largest things like if you get to keep your pound. Someone out there is representing views that they say are yours because if you don’t speak then to them it’s a given you agree with them. We had got used to people not listening to our views and assumed that we wouldn’t be listened to. And that led to one of the most historic votes in history because the people who voted over brexit even those whose votes won were not actually sure it would happen.They used their vote to say I’ve had enough of this but didn’t really think it would happen, but it did…And that has become historic and the one department that should have known first it would happen was our government but they hadn’t realised at all. It wasn’t even a consideration to them that we would really choose leave. That says a lot about our government because they don’t really know who we are or what bothers us on a day to day because we carry on and actually we don’t complain to them we complain to eachother. We don’t stop to think if we actually disagree on something fundamental and we all made it clear we disagreed, then we are heard. People are making desisions for you it’s about time you found out what those desisions were and if it’s really you they are benifitting.

Muslim March.

My Apologies, but today I’m more angry than I have ever been. A London March By Muslim groups to protest Trump and his ban in America. Now, This Ban covers 7 countries 1 of those being Syria. So Tomorrow, Muslims will march in London on the very ground that British people were slaughtered in 7/7, Murdered by Islamist terrorists 3 of whom were home ground, who trained in Syria in preparation and had help In Syria to do so. If we had had that ban those murders more than probably could have been prevented yet everyone shuts up and says nothing. TO OPPOSE SECURITY FOR A NATION IS NOT RACIST WHEN THE NATIONS YOU BLOCK TRAIN PEOPLE TO MURDER!  Not All Muslims are terrorists no but if you are muslim and in this country your duty is to it not against it.

Women Are Being Lied To,By Other Women.

I honestly never thought I would ever say that women would treat each other and in such vast amounts so badly. But that is where we are today. If you’re a woman you are being lied to in a most heinous and cruel way and using your own sex against you. As a woman we understand each other and support each other and understand what we go through just like a man understands another man. It’s the issues we go through that some of our most special friendships are built from but it’s from some of these issues that things have been twisted beyond reality and caused women to defend other women thinking we know the full story while in fact we’ve been lied to repeatedly and right now it has reached a stage where we either realise this and pull back to be the women we want to be or we carry on and lose all it means to be a woman to us and to our children. There is always a time in life when most women say they have sworn off men but a while ago it turned into something else,other women telling us it’s ok you don’t need a man and acting like a life without is much better than with and for some a few that maybe actually true but for the women hurt out there it gave them the idea it’s best to avoid men and you are supposed to be happy with that and it also started to give women the idea that all men were the same and we started to believe it but does it really sound true??You know full well it’s a case of not met the right man,not a case of all men are bad but you won’t be told that because a darker group has taken that and run with it, deciding all men are some spiteful sexist group only out for their own gains controlling everything. Did a man tell you or force you to read this?The problem is the same group of people who sold that lie to us are telling us more and more lies and because they are women we are taking it and fighting with them but your motive is to protect, theirs is not. They are using us to further their issues with men. I saw women marching for other women all based on a lie.Millions of women fueled by a huge lie that women could no longer get abortions demonstrated about it in London for American women. It wasn’t true, the law is a roll back law ,each state decides what they want and only two said no abortion. The others wanted the same limits we have in the uk, not the 27 week limit they have in some american states. Women believed other womens rights were trampled on and we run to defend but it’s all a lie. Its not only that ,that we’re being lied to about. We were told that women got paid less but women were asked and it was checked and it was mothers with part time jobs who get paid less compared to men with full time jobs. We get paid per hour it’s going to happen. We have a female prime minister our 2nd and women have over taken as students in cambridge and women nearly always get their children in custody cases. This country is caring for us,some systems need changing but we do have good lives compared to other countries but we are being told by the same women that we are looked down on. We have to stand up against other women who feed us these lies because they are teaching it to our kids and all that will happenis our daughters will grow up without a family of their own and our sons treated like they are worthless just for being male. Some men are bad,some women are bad, that’s fact but it’s some not ALL. These women that are teaching this are teaching it because being angry is easier than being sad that not everything is perfect. But if you have to lie to women to get them to follow you then they are the ones that are wrong. We know what each other go through, We should support each other not lie to each other and not damage the goodness that we have when we protect another human. Please Please ask more questions when another woman tries to drag you into one of these conversations and ask yourself that horrible question is she over reacting?Making drama where there isn’t one? Has her fight got any thing to do with me? Or just a way she is venting? Don’t get caught up in drama ,especially ones started by a lie.

…The Meaning Of Life…Lol Explained.

Lol Before I beging I’m telling you that this is totally unfair and mean that I have been put in this position Lol.

My view on the meaning of life was challenged and I couldn’t find an answer so I have gone over my view, and this…is my answer..

Ok so lets bring it back to basics…What was the meaning of life for a caveman? To hunt,To Eat, but those things have one purpose, to survive. We are born with a fight or flight response, we feel fear but it’s a inborn thing we in us is the fight to survive. Now you have to challenge this when it comes to suicide…but someone who does this is deciding not to survive and has their own ideas as to why. We are not born thinking give up and don’t survive. So…now we take it all forward..we are no longer cavemen (For the women that thought of their boyfriends when they read that I’m adding a lol,Lol 0 Ok so we are different than cavemen…Lol..We have learned,adapted our world,created moralities and religions to live by,created social morality like laws for people who don’t conform and stick to the moralties we have created. Ask the meaning of life now and people look at the modern world we have created and say in this world is it to do good? can’t be..because being good or bad is something we made…we made wrongs and rights through morals we designed. So again what can be the meaning of life? Well… while we adapt the rules and life and the way we live and our abilities as a constant we do so for our own comfort, for our needs and create rewards for ourselves like entertainment. We are still completing the one thing that those cavemen a million years ago did, but just on furniture from ikea,sofa’s from dfs and humming fridgefreezers the size of caravans…we live. Infact it can be said where a caveman probably spent most of his time trying to survive ,we spend more of ours living than he ever did because we have built lives around us working for someone creating things so that all of us live with ease. So while our urge to survive only comes out in us when we are challenged by life or our very survival or those we love are challenged, we very much have created a world where normally, if a day is good, we don’t have to survive it,we just have to live it.


Why I Know Better Now.

I met someone years ago,things moved fast and years seemed to speed by. Until 6 years after it had all begun we realised the truth but after so long…it was hard to not talk,to know fill eachother in, so…we still did. 5 years after we had split we were still friends and spoke every day. We had our rows Lol. But spoke at least 3 hours out of everyday and a hour on sundays due to his zero tolerance of doing anything that required too much brain power on Sundays lol it was like a religion,Lol. Then, he was gone. During a operation he stopped breathing and they couldn’t get him back. You know we cry differently at some points for different things but I remember them as gulps of pain where I just couldn’t stop and couldn’t get enough air. It was like someone had hit my heart with such force I was waiting for it to break in two. Our lives had gone it’s seperate ways. I’d moved away and we hadn’t seen eachother in 2 years, I was a 3 months away from meeting up for a chat. He’d got married and I’d had a relationship since and was settled into single life again. But we always expected eachother to be there. This was not supposed to happen.

Those next days were hard…it took me three days to tell my son who had called him dad since he was small,it was heart breaking. But I’m not here to tell you something you expect…

I while later I was talking to Hewhoshouldbeobeyed I had earlier that day got upset over him using the word “whatever” and it hadn’t been the first time either and as much as I tried little things like that kept happening. But despite the name I give him, hewhoshouldbeobeyed is a wonderful person,he honestly is. And I was doing damage but was afraid of admitting why. The next day I looked at my old messages with my friend. Since he had passed away I hadn’t looked at them but now…They were easy to find. Long emails of him talking telling me off for imaginary things. He’d always do that. He had done for years , it becomes so ingrained that you begin saying sorry for things before you’ve been accused. He’d name call, and say “whatever” when I begged forgivness for whatever he had said I had done now. If he was wrong about something he would get angry and then blame it on something else. He was always right and never wrong. They say you can’t speak badly of the dead but there is a lot more to it and this is why I’m saying this now. When you are with someone like that they train you to not do the things that upset them. You follow invisable rules because you know what they wont like but when someone questions it you ignore what they say because you don’t want to admit the truth. One of my friends disliked him and I messaged her and asked her why and she said” I hate to speak ill of the dead but he was controlling and you would get quiet when he was having ago at you, you couldn’t see what he was”She was right. Even after we split he would still get upset over the smallest thing. You might not understand why a friend is with someone ,you might think they can do better and you might be right,you might think their partner is controlling and you are probably right. But they aren’t ready to face the truth. Because the truth means admitting what you are going through. And admitting it isn’t all good after all. You can walk away from that friend but that is exactly what their partner wants because then there is no other opinion but theirs and then they can control that persons opinions on everything. So don’t. If you can bear it then stay talking to your friends who are going through it,even if it’s at a safe distance let them know you are there. People do leave and when they do, they need their friends.


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