You have to have a line. When a friendship or relationship ends it’s pretty hard but one of the hardest is that in those we share a lot and our routine is sometimes built around another person in some respects,so when they’re gone-everything changes.Now at first, there is the sense of loss,even if you’re the one who walked away but also there is the freedom,having more time to yourself,not constrained to other peoples life and or rules.Now you may “mourn” in a sense them gone and some will try and establish at least why. And work out why things went wrong and if there is something they can do in future to avoid the same situation. Those first days and maybe weeks are hard and for some months,it’s different and there is no limit to it.You have these days where you realise the persons faults and you start to see clearly and those though at first rare will become more and more until one day,you wake up,not of course in a good morning sense,Lol. But you suddenly realise that you are better off or that they are. I recently had that very situation,I did meet someone else although you know me,I ran,Lol. Yeah…not doing that in a hurry for a while,kinda. Lol but I did think of an old friend and message them,I wanted to know why we could no longer be friends. Then yesterday…A lady of the moronic fashion decided to be on her mobile and mount the curb, the one I was standing on- It hurt,seriously you should see my leg but later I thought, this is it, life moves constantly.The point is, if a friend is a loyal person and not just disingenuois, how could they just decide not to speak,even over something small? I mean even if and in my case our last words were good and believe me I’ve nothing against him whatsoever and shall not do either but… to lose a friend is hard and if someone really cares about you,they’d still want to know if you’re ok and be making effort to fix things. If you’re chasing someone ,someone you were with or someone you were friends with,stop a second and think,if it’s a friendship with value with good and heart then why aren’t they trying to fix things too? Maybe we need to think of these things when not speaking to people and draw that line and realise when really it’s time to stop. Sometimes?People don’t try and fix things ,they just run from them or they aren’t honest about things and hide things and then it’s time to walk away with yourself intact knowing that really,a fundamental part of you both is different- because you cared enough to try. Draw the line.