When we are attacked,when our people are killed,we have sorrow…we feel pain…we’re scared for our friends and family…This is what you what these “People” want, but they make a mistake…because it makes us realise a fair few things too. They are slaves to their ideologies,they are weak minded because they fall for the lies they are told,they end their own life for the words of a man that people claim he said from a book he never wrote and for a heaven they don’t know exists. They kill all ages- even people who belong to their own religion- which shows they have no morals.They remind us of animals. The idea that people keep them separately when their book tells them to treat others separately says much. They fail…they are nothing,nothing but mere animals and weak ones…They show us how better we are than them that we don’t do as they do,we do mourn,but also something else…it makes us stronger than them…it makes us better,we’re not weak to take others lives and our own for words written in a book because we looked at a few films. These people don’t even consider that those who encouraged them to kill,to commit jihad are actually out there far away living life. We are proud kafir. proud un-believers- proud not to be so gullible as those terrorists- and proud because despite the terror they send,we live free- a jihadist will always be the slave of allah.