I’m sorry,but people got this wrong , you need to see the wider thought but we’re so irritated by false media that we all made the same mistake, we went with the anger and not the logic. People posting to make a point yet rightly yes but it would never of worked on that scale, most people forgot location settings. If you want power?You already have it, you’re giving them power every single day ,we’re subscribed.To every media outlet including the major fake news sites. You notice when you get more dislikes for something or more people join. How do you think the media would react to a un-masse exodus of subscriptions? Several people said oh well they’ve got these followers ect and they’re right, it includes the masses but those masses include us. It’s not even like we would be in media blackout anyway. They report what they want and you can still go to their pages to the news if truthful is out there or just look at the retweeted copies. You really want world wide effect that will hit hard? Get people to unsubscribe from the major fake news sites. Hit them where they really don’t want to be hit, Because they know full well some of those viewers wont come back. We have logic,we have to use it.