Friends ask me how could they not of known after a break up ,they want to know why it’s difficult but…this is the issue we’ve forgotten what love is. True real love isn’t those emotions you feel when you first meet someone because you want to love and you’re falling with the them you see that first them, the first impression that first person you know the first month, you think you know everything about them but it’s the real them that one deep down you’re not able to touch yet that is the most important. The fundamental parts of them that are hiding in there that you’ve not met yet. Real love….true love is slow…It’s the one elderly people have after so many years knowing eachother in and out. its the one best friends since childhood have. It’s the one that you have despite trying not to! for friends you’ve known forever. It’s one that is there when you finally know everything about someone then you are loving them not because you want to but because you love who they really are, that…will always be the true love. The reason that people get hurt is because they open their heart to that person they are getting to know, the one they don’t know all of yet and then…when you see the real them it’s either when they’ve shown it or when you’ve seen it and you wonder how you got with them and loved them in the first place. It’s ok to fall in love with who you think you see, but be prepared to not be in love with who they really are.

As per…we will pretend I never had this conversation with you,Lol I got a rep to protect and it doesn’t include mushy love stuff ,come on! Lol. Though…it does make the world go round and a better place,now doesn’t it? Lol