The society we live in currently is creating something awful and we’re yet to properly discuss it. Women are becoming more violent year on year, with the increase also having to reflect police/reporting increases as well as actual cases. Yesterday I was contacted by a woman who brought me into a discussion with another group of women. They discussed gender nutrality and how raising children to not have a sexuality made sure there were less rapes. I brought up a case of a 18 year old who had struggled with his masculinity as he was told it wasn’t a good thing who’d sadly taken his own life. The reply I got was “One less rapist” . I still can’t process that reply, I heard it but I still can’t get over the fact it was said. I asked legally how do I not have equal rights as I know in the states and the uk I have as many rights as any man. I’ve never been turned down for a job as a female and the suicide rate amongst men in the Uk at least is 3 times higher than the one for women,and this year set to hit four times higher. They told me “Well that’s what happens when they create a patriarchy” Women have equal rights.They were fought for by brave strong women years before us. In society today if a woman commits a crime she will go to prison for far less time than a man because shes female.In fact a man is more likely to be turned down for a job in a male environment when firms are trying to go for equality rather than skill and choose a woman. Women are more likely to keep their children and win custody battles too. Society is raising boys and daughters without male role models and teaching those children that masculinity, is a bad aggressive thing. They are teaching boys just the fact these boys that hormones are bad. They’re calling all men misogynists , rapists and claiming some form of privilege.,one that doesn’t exist and hasn’t for some time. They don’t want equality,they want to dominate man,men and boys. What about when they too have children?It wont matter how you bring up your child,they will be bullied and called a rapist and misogynist just like the men are,just for being born a male.That is the society they are creating,the destruction of man into a silent figure just obeying a womans rule and if he dare question if it’s fair he is called a rapist or said to be bullying a woman. Well,I’m a woman, and it’s not fair and it’s not right and it has to stop. When women ignore the fact people are dying to further their own cause for 50p pay gap per week then I want nothing to do with you.If anything it’s taught me who exactly I really should be fighting.