I’m gonna step on this right here and say it. All these people telling me that her album “Lemonade” empowers black women…. Someone best tell me how making a album saying and saying all black women need empowering ergo black women aren’t empowered already isn’t some racist wrong ass thinking right there. One, if that was some white guy singing about empowerment to white men this would be a whole other conversation. And two,I don’t know one black woman who wont stand up when she’s got to.I don’t know one black woman that needs empowering!If anything black women have been standing up for what they believe for a long time. I would of got a slap upside the head for saying all black women need empowering and you know what that stomps on every grandmother and mother and sister who showed women in the black community what being a black woman is. No One should be telling anyone your entire sex and your entire ethnicty is weak and needs support. She did this to get PAID and that’s all. If she really was thinking of women she’d of done one saying how strong they already are. And we already know no one would dare do an album for white women. They’d claim racism but it’s ok the other way? I’m a mixture ethnically and I’m not down with this. No way. Only woman representing empowerment grammy night was Joy Villa.