I do suppose, that I’m writing this so that it gives hope to someone else but I’m unsure really. Though I’ve several best friends of both sexes the relationships can be different and always are. The thing with being female with some male best friends is that eventually they’ll be forced not to speak to you or as the title says, time and tide takes them away. I recently lost a best friend to this and for the first couple of days felt abject loss . I sent one last message to say goodbye but what got me was the next day a best friend who’d gone a year ago then rang me to say she was coming down to stay for a bit soon and told me! off for not being around much. Now I’d be stupid and lying to say that I didn’t miss my best friend before but that’s the thing, I’m 37 (Yes despite my geekish childishness,Lol) And the older I get the more I accept these move on’s. That said in the past 26 years I’ve only 2 freinds who we didn’t hear from again but one we do hear of. Maybe it’s age or maybe it’s realising that if someone wants to be here,they will be and if they don’t then you have to let that go and let them go do their thing and hope they have a good time. And when they,if they,come back welcome them as if it was yesterday. Time and tide might take your friends away for a while, but the friendship you feel with them is timeless when they come back.