The truth is no one really does say it. They work around saying it but they don’t actually say it. But if we were honest, people would call for all radical Islamists to be removed from every western country. Christianity isn’t a religion everyone follows but they are aware of it still and some of those values from it are still, even in a atheist brought into our lives without even realising, even if going to church isn’t our thing. But radical Islam is very much behind compared to the west, in fact it’s far far behind our evolved sense of what the west is. There are muslims who see themselves as Muslim because they come from Muslim families but they are culturally part of the country they are from and like members of the armed forces, are prepared to fight the country they’ve been born in or adopted but there are those and now we are seeing that those means thousands, that are fighting for sharia law in the west and demanding that people accept Islam in western countries and claiming oppression and racism if we don’t agree. The Horror’s Of Radical Islam the attacks mean we will never accept it and also it gives us reason not to. But also it brings more to it than that, when people see the hijab they’re reminded of those horrors and those fears and it isn’t a fear that has time to go away. It’s a fear that has been proven time and time again. Westernised Islam may always be accepted as a non-radical form, those that protect the western countries and support them and share culture with them.But Radical Islam will never be accepted, we are far, far past that a long time ago. If anything the rise in Christianity is more likely to happen. The downfall of radical Islam will not be because of racism, It will be because radicals have tried to force it upon the west and done so in a pressured way and made the mistake of claiming it’s racist, accusing us of something that isn’t true at all. When you accuse someone, when you talk down to them and make demands on them, when you claim that they are bad people for not believing in your ideology and then refuse to accept that members of your very ideology are killing us then you give strength and power for people to rise up and speak out. The West didn’t show people what Islam Is. Radical Islam did in it’s attacks.