We’ve always had concerns over things we send or calls being listened to or seen. Even before we understood the technology we were thinking about it. But in actual fact we did fall into a pattern of believing what we saw, only to find out later it was a hoax or something worse. You might think this has nothing to do with you, but now more than ever it really does. From adverts to media the world is set up to get your opinion, your custom and your attention but slowly a new form has emerged that is grabbing your attention even more powerfully, from online shopping sites that tell you if you’re being ripped off by a supermarket to newspapers reporting about other papers practices,the truth has become a commodity but it goes slightly further than that. When people voted in the UK And when people voted in America we did something that made a loss for a vast amount of people. Our government felt sure that the UK would in fact choose to stay in the EU. You aren’t really supposed to think about these things,you’re supposed to see what they say and trust in it and do as you’re told,but…this time,not only did it not work. We all started talking and sharing the truth when we found it with each other.Politics being discussed when previously we just let governments get on with it. But now we’re watching them but don’t think that we will get the truth from them just yet…With the EU’S streaming of data already passed before Brexit meaning they can slow you down if too much information is put through at the same time and see it,And social media platforms changing rules one by one, and people all of the sudden unsure why certain things you post aren’t being seen in real time despite it actually being posted. Silencing you or minimising how much is seen is the new IN.  But there is good news, thanks to media’s mockery of “fake news” suggestions ,people have actually started to notice when things are fake news and we’re choosing how we respond and sharing more than ever,making it more lucrative for social platforms to allow freedom of speech than ever before…once that is they realise it.