We live and breath in a world where we face the hardest of decisions and ones that we deny on a daily basis. In Countries in the west that are faster in their societies the other middle eastern societies still live in heavily religious governed states. We decide to accept others for a more mixed culture and to be diverse but we forget that although some may want the culture they move to.Others seek to only take the good parts of living in the west whilst still following outdated ideologies,these religions that hold people back. We want to say that we are the friendlier side of what the world can be but we forget that we are mixing two very different cultures and one that is at war with itself.I was raised in a very multi-ethnic household in a time when racism was current and yet racism then held no actual basis. I knew no Jamican out to cause war and harm others.However the religions people fear now are ones that have already cost the lives of many,despite us being giving in sharing our countries in the west. I asked the question if you are here fleeing a religion then why follow that same religion here?I was met with silence from the person I asked.All sides have to understand that when you abuse our culture and faiths because they don’t agree with your own and you disrespect our country because it is not following your doctrine this is not racism. It is because we are long passed having religions control the freedom of people,And Now you seek to push us back and destroy the developing culture we have and one that is based on multiple ethnicities. How can we follow an ideology that seeks our deaths?How can we follow one that has killed people in it’s name yesterday, today,every day? We conformed to allow certain fractions of society to follow their religions but that stopped when they tried to then enforce it upon us too. We bowed down to allow your freedoms in the hope you’d progress further but you only sought to bring us back to a religion where the murdering of non believers is acceptable. That’s not joining with us or accepting, that is dominating and harmful. The Left thinks that we standing up and demanding you see your error is racist but race and religion are not connected. Anyone can follow a religion. The Truth fair path is not to ask for privliages because of a religion or sex or anything else.Middle eastern countries are still behind and we cannot totally intervene in their actions because this will bring only further bloodshed. But people leaving those countries make it easier. Your government is not called into account when you leave and move elsewhere. You are only making it easier for them to escape justice and making it a long time still before they change. When you speak from here,you whisper. when you speak from there,you roar.