It’s is, of course one of those things that seems quite difficult to understand, and that’s why many of us leave it to those in politics to speak for us and represent us on the issues that affect us. It’s easy to start to read about it and decide that we cannot understand it so to leave us out of it. But… How many times have you wished the government changed something that annoys you or complained about a local council’s actions? From the smallest of things like bin collections to the largest things like if you get to keep your pound. Someone out there is representing views that they say are yours because if you don’t speak then to them it’s a given you agree with them. We had got used to people not listening to our views and assumed that we wouldn’t be listened to. And that led to one of the most historic votes in history because the people who voted over brexit even those whose votes won were not actually sure it would happen.They used their vote to say I’ve had enough of this but didn’t really think it would happen, but it did…And that has become historic and the one department that should have known first it would happen was our government but they hadn’t realised at all. It wasn’t even a consideration to them that we would really choose leave. That says a lot about our government because they don’t really know who we are or what bothers us on a day to day because we carry on and actually we don’t complain to them we complain to eachother. We don’t stop to think if we actually disagree on something fundamental and we all made it clear we disagreed, then we are heard. People are making desisions for you it’s about time you found out what those desisions were and if it’s really you they are benifitting.