I honestly never thought I would ever say that women would treat each other and in such vast amounts so badly. But that is where we are today. If you’re a woman you are being lied to in a most heinous and cruel way and using your own sex against you. As a woman we understand each other and support each other and understand what we go through just like a man understands another man. It’s the issues we go through that some of our most special friendships are built from but it’s from some of these issues that things have been twisted beyond reality and caused women to defend other women thinking we know the full story while in fact we’ve been lied to repeatedly and right now it has reached a stage where we either realise this and pull back to be the women we want to be or we carry on and lose all it means to be a woman to us and to our children. There is always a time in life when most women say they have sworn off men but a while ago it turned into something else,other women telling us it’s ok you don’t need a man and acting like a life without is much better than with and for some a few that maybe actually true but for the women hurt out there it gave them the idea it’s best to avoid men and you are supposed to be happy with that and it also started to give women the idea that all men were the same and we started to believe it but does it really sound true??You know full well it’s a case of not met the right man,not a case of all men are bad but you won’t be told that because a darker group has taken that and run with it, deciding all men are some spiteful sexist group only out for their own gains controlling everything. Did a man tell you or force you to read this?The problem is the same group of people who sold that lie to us are telling us more and more lies and because they are women we are taking it and fighting with them but your motive is to protect, theirs is not. They are using us to further their issues with men. I saw women marching for other women all based on a lie.Millions of women fueled by a huge lie that women could no longer get abortions demonstrated about it in London for American women. It wasn’t true, the law is a roll back law ,each state decides what they want and only two said no abortion. The others wanted the same limits we have in the uk, not the 27 week limit they have in some american states. Women believed other womens rights were trampled on and we run to defend but it’s all a lie. Its not only that ,that we’re being lied to about. We were told that women got paid less but women were asked and it was checked and it was mothers with part time jobs who get paid less compared to men with full time jobs. We get paid per hour it’s going to happen. We have a female prime minister our 2nd and women have over taken as students in cambridge and women nearly always get their children in custody cases. This country is caring for us,some systems need changing but we do have good lives compared to other countries but we are being told by the same women that we are looked down on. We have to stand up against other women who feed us these lies because they are teaching it to our kids and all that will happenis our daughters will grow up without a family of their own and our sons treated like they are worthless just for being male. Some men are bad,some women are bad, that’s fact but it’s some not ALL. These women that are teaching this are teaching it because being angry is easier than being sad that not everything is perfect. But if you have to lie to women to get them to follow you then they are the ones that are wrong. We know what each other go through, We should support each other not lie to each other and not damage the goodness that we have when we protect another human. Please Please ask more questions when another woman tries to drag you into one of these conversations and ask yourself that horrible question is she over reacting?Making drama where there isn’t one? Has her fight got any thing to do with me? Or just a way she is venting? Don’t get caught up in drama ,especially ones started by a lie.