Lol Before I beging I’m telling you that this is totally unfair and mean that I have been put in this position Lol.

My view on the meaning of life was challenged and I couldn’t find an answer so I have gone over my view, and this…is my answer..

Ok so lets bring it back to basics…What was the meaning of life for a caveman? To hunt,To Eat, but those things have one purpose, to survive. We are born with a fight or flight response, we feel fear but it’s a inborn thing we in us is the fight to survive. Now you have to challenge this when it comes to suicide…but someone who does this is deciding not to survive and has their own ideas as to why. We are not born thinking give up and don’t survive. So…now we take it all forward..we are no longer cavemen (For the women that thought of their boyfriends when they read that I’m adding a lol,Lol 0 Ok so we are different than cavemen…Lol..We have learned,adapted our world,created moralities and religions to live by,created social morality like laws for people who don’t conform and stick to the moralties we have created. Ask the meaning of life now and people look at the modern world we have created and say in this world is it to do good? can’t be..because being good or bad is something we made…we made wrongs and rights through morals we designed. So again what can be the meaning of life? Well… while we adapt the rules and life and the way we live and our abilities as a constant we do so for our own comfort, for our needs and create rewards for ourselves like entertainment. We are still completing the one thing that those cavemen a million years ago did, but just on furniture from ikea,sofa’s from dfs and humming fridgefreezers the size of caravans…we live. Infact it can be said where a caveman probably spent most of his time trying to survive ,we spend more of ours living than he ever did because we have built lives around us working for someone creating things so that all of us live with ease. So while our urge to survive only comes out in us when we are challenged by life or our very survival or those we love are challenged, we very much have created a world where normally, if a day is good, we don’t have to survive it,we just have to live it.