It was printed in a book given to all pregnant mothers. Important information telling mothers to avoid nuts during pregnancy but it was wrong. A mistake of epic proportions that has caused deaths and hundreds of children born with a fatal allergy. It was a admitted mistake, they have admitted they were wrong but never said sorry. This happened in the UK and the book was called the EveryBaby book, every pregnant woman who had a scan of her baby got one. This week Canada and the Usa warned mothers that babies need to have consume nuts as early as possible, mentioning the 4 month weaning stage. But in actual fact some children will already have a allergy and the best time to consume nuts safely at first is during pregnancy when the baby is protected by the mothers own antihistamines. The UK hasn’t put a warning out yet. I know it’s not a huge thing for people but it does affect you. We changed a lot of products through allergies because they had increased so much. But while our Government still doesn’t put out a warning, some mothers still believe that they can’t have nuts during pregnancy and are accidentally putting their babies and children at risk. The scary thing about this is that in that book, the explained the mothers antihistamines they explained the benefits of it twice including breastfeeding benefits but mothers were so scared of doing something wrong that they believed the mistake. I don’t think we live in a world where people don’t question the government advice ,eggs,wine all sorts we’ve been told and found out later it was a bit wrong. But this mistake? The government only admitted they were wrong and changed the information recently. The printed mistake? Was made 17 years ago…when I was pregnant with my son. I was lucky, my nan was a midwife and knew it was wrong and my son who was high risk for nut allergy was born without one. And is a cashew fiend Lol. That mistake is still killing children years after it was made. And while we won’t get an apology people deserve, we do need to make sure future generations don’t make the same mistakes and while trying to do the right thing put at risk the very child they are trying to protect.