For many the horrors of the attacks are of a level we don’t understand. The death of innocents. And for many this brings them to levels where they consider how to stop the horror’s, because they fear the day it comes or comes back to their door.

I have heard many say rid the country of Islamic believers. But when some of the attackers held their religious views private then how to you eradicate it? The social issues it has created has not caused people to attack people who believe in Islam but it has led to people privately holding views that they wish that people who practice Islam were not in their specific country. So how? How do we as a people as humans stop this? I think that it comes down to people. British Muslims need to be able and need to discuss those that in their community who are becoming segregated and are a risk of falling into the hands of ISIS and such groups and those that are a risk of taking actions independantly. We live as a multi faith multi ethnic country and it is our role in that to respect eachothers cultures and respect eachothers exsistance. It always surprises me that various religous groups talk as if god put them here but cannot explain how we are all here no matter what religion. We share our shops,our schools,our hospitals All together. And non muslims need to realise too that when you treat every muslim person as if they are a terrorist we create more muslim people who segregate themselves from society and those are the very same segregated few that ISIS target to recruit and use to kill. It’s time for all sides to talk and stop making this a race row and start realising that we ALL live here and ALL run the risk of our families coming to harm. We share our schools,our streets,our hospitals,our play grounds,our world, together. If we don’t stand together now and choose who our fight is with then it’s our families that pay the price.