Across many countries,  issues between ethnicities has been an issue that has led to divided society. Now… how do we understand it? Why is it that for some the colour of someone’s skin doesn’t matter and for some it invokes hate? What is really going on? I think the answer is a more unusual reason. Some time ago I heard a story of a man raised in a south African area where he had been the only white person in his school and he recalled how this had been something that made him feel segregated from the people around him and made him feel alone. Now there are two ways we can take this. On one hand we can understand loneliness but on the other hand,  we can also question why a child is unable to have anything in common with other children in the same school, area and of the same age? I think it very much comes down to people not hating the colour of a person’s skin but what they feel it represents, the culture of that person, and a society that teaches that we are all the same apart from our blood when really we do have physical differences but are taught that if we mention them that is a racist act. We also live in a society that causes a stop in people talking or asking about different cultures and, instead we learn of other cultures through media, tv and films and crimes where a specific ethnicity is mentioned. If you take culture and appearances like you would language then for some it is as if they are walking down the street in a world where not as many speak their language and not as many have their culture but because society has become a place where you cannot ask a person about their culture or their background because it is classed as a racist act there is only the media showing it’s representation of what it is to be Black or Jewish or polish or Asian. Each culture IS different and we do look different and society has to stop creating a world where asking or mentioning these facts or asking questions to a person with a difference ethnicity is a racial crime. Now…To make it clear Culture is NOT Religion. Religion is a personal choice mostly where as Culture although you can immerse yourself in any culture is a thing that has some roots in your racial and or your nation’s identity. We see this in part in the way the English language has spread across the world to such a point that despite originally most English speakers being British we now find that less British people speak multiple languages and occasionally complain when they are in a country that they expect should have English speakers Lol. I know English is a dominant language but expecting everyone anywhere to speak it is just greedy and you know it Lol. The thing is we ARE different from our friends that tan like they are a lobster, to our friends who believe they have rhythm because of the colour of their skin. We look different, we are different. But we also follow different cultures too . The person that has chosen to believe that the colour of someone’s skin means they might belong to a different culture and so won’t have things is common might not know that the black man he’s talking about is a abba fan and chelsea suporter from wigan!, Lol. And let’s be honest… there are people with your own skin colour from your own culture who live their life in a way you don’t like. There is always one person we know that we don’t particularly like. I happen not to like murderers or paedophiles, I really don’t care what colour nor culture they are from!.

We need to stop pretending we are the same and instead learn about each person not based on the colour of their skin but based on who they actually are. We live and die on the same dying world. So if you walk down a full street of humans and you still feel alone yet you aren’t just saying hi because of what you assume is their culture then only you have yourself to blame.