When someone does something and you aren’t sure 100% why or if they actually did it you have to ask yourself what was their goal. What benefits can they gain from this? So…Firstly we know that Putin did not affect the decision to elect Donald Trump. We know this because the choice to pick Trump over Clinton, for the most part, was because of jobs lost in rust belt areas. The trust issues with Clinton were an issue prior to her attempt to run for the Whitehouse and the main lies she was caught up in were ones she was caught on camera multiple times making.The American people also were honest about voting for Trump and so we can dismiss any idea that the hacking was in order to affect the elections. So…

Next, we come to a second idea. Trump is very much unknown but also a superpower who has been known to gain as much information as they can on persons of interest and Trump is of interest to many as it’s unknown what he can and will do in some respects. So let’s break this down…Putin delayed actually talking to Trump which would be the first step in getting to know someone but also during the election the Obama administration admitted not knowing themselves much about Trump and his intent in fact only after Trump was elected did Obama have that talk with trump so if it was to source information on Trump it wasn’t a very good source to go to.

Now let’s go to why it might be untrue…What could the possible gain actually be? Well there is one. To stick in the public mind because now Trump is in and nothing can be done about it but candidates will be trying to take him out of there in four years and they’ll start in earnest now by rehashing this and keeping it in the public eye whilst using fear to attempt to convince the American people. This won’t be over yet. They will keep on saying it until it is they think ingrained into people’s minds hacking Putin trump. But what puzzles me is if they were really concerned for the American people then why keep accusing a super power who has just said he wants a good relationship with America? And why again has there been issues over emails? And it is fundamental that the system used is one of the information being taken by using an application that requires you to put in your information meaning that staff at the Whitehouse placed their information into a link in an email that was new to them. Spam filters have been around for a while, you would think that they’d have at least equal sense to protect themselves but wait.. they did protect themselves..they had a password..and it was?! Password… Lol. Maybe next time someone is elected there should be one simple question first.

Hello perspective president, Have you got more internet capabilities than the average 11 year old? Lol