Ok..So for some in theUk leaving the EU is a scary prospect mainly because we have been taught that the UK cannot survive without the EU . A lot of people are hoping that we will have some form of deals still in place with the EU ie soft exit of Brexit (liked that bit because it rhymed Lol) Sorry girly moment Lol. So lets bring this down to very much basics.

Think of the EU as a relationship and as a singular person that we share finance with and share duties with ie us doing certain things and he doing certain things and because Merkel is the “head” so to speak of the EU lets make the EU a She in the relationship and us the HE, now… We need to split up because she’s promised things would get better but they never did. So now…Do we leave the house and get our own house pay our own bills sort out our own things? Or…do we make a agreement with her to pay some bills still and still do some household chores? (ie keep some deals in place but not others?) Like in any relationship that has ended we know we have to say goodbye and that now we are not together both sides will now take control of it’s own bills and responsibilites. If we think of other countries as our grown up children then these children will still have a relationship with both parents and they choose what that should be.(If they decide to leave the EU too) No one is saying it will be easy but the divorce (Article 50) will be filed at the end of march and we will then begin to pay our own bills (make our own deals) . All relationships end and this one took some time to end but we can’t leave but not leave. We’re leaving the house and giving our keys back but it shouldn’t be the scary thing people feel. If anything ,with America saying they will deal with us too, if anything this is just a new adventure.