Clinton had her own flaws too and that was a bit lost on me because she comes as a pair her and bill and a odd pair they do make. I saw her being caught on camera lying repeatedly which was a bit strange I mean ok one lie maybe a mistake but to then repeatedly lie over the same thing? Claiming she came under gunfire when the video clearly shows over 40 minutes of her walking about,talking to a little girl it was a very odd thing to lie over. And the fact that Bill Clinton left America in trillions in debt! 5.629 trillion…I mean that’s wrong so wrong and I wanted to hear Hilary Clinton tell us how she would not make those same mistakes with the American people and how this time around she would make sure that people would not lose as many jobs as they had through not Bill Clintons decisions but in actual fact through a deal She made herself. But she defended the deal and actually said she was proud of it. But it did good for China ,Not America and that bothered me a fair amount. I think that really that Trump was scary to some who then decided that voting for Clinton a second time could be no worse than the last time,to them they knew what to expect and where Trump was concerned he was out there and people felt that he could cause world war 3 at the maximum. It made people fear what could he do if he came into power. There was also a class issue here, women and Clinton voters thought Clinton looked better for the country that she would show some class to represent Americans but the fact that both her and her husband had lied and changed views repeatedly to the American people bugged me. It always seemed like she was trying to get in not for the American people but for herself. And on the last night when she could of proved me wrong in that she didn’t. Camera’s showed her not even there as her supporters wept. She didn’t even give them 5 minutes of her time. Now hate me for this bit Trump reminded me of those Americans that just say it like it is Lol But again me like so many people were scared of what he could do what would it mean to have him there? One thing was interesting to me that being a scary unknown might actually benefit America from a safety point of view. Would another country be more likely or less likely to attack? I actually think he is that unknown and unpredictable to some that other countries would be scared that if they attack him he might actually nuke them Lol. Would you put it past him? Lol Exactly! Lol . He was a bit like he had ADHD but a form that only caused him to twitter post anything in his head Lol. I was scared for Americans and then I saw what we in the Uk had here…lies…but not from Trump but of what he had said…He said he wanted bad hombre’s out and noted that these were people with criminal convictions only but illegals who did not have convictions he would work with to allow them to stay. Now here is a man saying everything wrong Lol Putting his foot in it so often he should be nicknamed bigfootbigmouth and yet…there was seemingly effort to tell Americans a different story and one of hate at that. But! He kept talking in a bit of a paranoid way so it honestly did seem a bit far fetched to think that there would be a ploy to stop him getting elected. It might of been the hair,never know I mean who doesn’t still think that hair is unnatural somehow?Lol. The hair did it! Lol. Sorry I got distracted there Lol. But what else had been going on was that years before the deals during and done by Clinton herself had caused people to lose factory jobs. Whole towns where one factory of 300 people laid off and the place closed down but not just one place….it was all overAmerica,leaving some hard working people on food stamps for the first time in their lives and worse still leaving some towns without even one working place for miles leading to fore closures on houses these good hard working American people had fought and worked hard for to buy. No matter that America was doing better because even the people not effected by factory clousures were not seeing things getting better and obama’s healthcare system only worked for a portion of people it was still a very flawed thing. There had been police shootings for years and people felt that under obama it would get sorted but things were milder but no one can say that there was a massive brilliant change in their lives.People had already been under Clinton, they had already been under obama and trump offered them what they really wanted, jobs back, A better healthcare system.He offered them hope and some of those people even knowing that he could mean war or bad things they had no hope left and took a shot and voted for Trump. They have pinned their hopes on him and the thing is as soon as he was voted in, Russia said they’d now talk as they have no issues with Trump. Companies started saying they would start back in America and that was within a very short amount of time Lol America has a super power as it’s friend before their president-elect has even moved his teddy bear into the WhiteHouse Lol. Just like with brexit the American people were supposed to be so scared of trump and so in love with Clinton that they’d not see the deception in time and be back where they were years ago. Trump might of learned from the American people a important rule. They have taken enough and wont anymore so make America the country it wants to be because Americans have a vote and they aren’t afraid to use it.