So this is a more insane and personal one just because of the sheer insanity! And to warn others not to take my course of action ,ever. Lol. So I was talking with HeWhomIsAlwaysObeyed who is actually quite lovely really honest! Anyway we talked about back in the day when we were in school (it’s 21 years ago exactly but this is the only time I’m confessing that Lol) So Lol we talked about popular girls and I remembered a non-popular girl,now she had tried to make friends with me but I recall her being a bit offish with my friends who she’d not actually spoken to but had just watched so I didn’t really take to her. But after this conversation, I thought maybe I should contact her, you know check how things are for her etc. I’ve a fair few friends from all my schools (moved often!) So…I eventually found a friend that still knew her and sent a brief message through our joint friend fearing that sending a facebook message personally would be a bit too personal given I’ve not seen her in years. Do you see what I missed? Lol Now I hate the fact he was right and I do prefer to be the nice well behaved one Lol so whilst looking for her I hadn’t really wondered why she only knew one of our school friends out of such a large group. I sent :

” Hello, You might not remember me but I remember you from my class. We didn’t speak much and I was thinking about it today and felt a little guilty I hadn’t made more effort. I apologise for teen me and I hope life has turned out well for you and that everything is good.I wish you a happy new year and all the best and should you ever feel bored enough for a chat please feel free, Yours Sara”

She replied

“Fuk off ya cu*t”

I added the star rather than print the word,Lol. Moral of the story? Well…It’s a split 3 things

  1. I Don’t think she likes me very much?Do you?Lol
  2. I wrote her back asking if I have upset her in any way and apologised for contacting her and told her I won’t again unless she wished me too.
  3. Which means he was right all along and I care that she hates me Lol Which she clearly does Lol why does she hate me?! LOL Remember we shall never speak of this ever,Lol.
  4. I wonder if she’s messaged back yet?Lol