Someone asked me that once. And there are days when I ask myself the same question. Those days when you see something so bad you just want someone to do something now but know in your heart of hearts that it too late. Those days when you see the horrors of the world. I think it lays very much in what you belief is the meaning of death. And the meaning of life itself is very much an individual thing. I think the main reason we ask it is because we deal with life in a way that doesn’t bring it as much joy as we want. When our time comes and we see our last morning we would like to think that we have made an impact, that we and those around us have been happy and that we have done the things we set out to all those years ago and that the world we leave we hope will look after those we are leaving. But life for many is a ground hog day of events with the moments we can grab for pleasure the only thing left when they get the chance. Many people find that they do wonder what the point is and know that their life has shaped into something that they know means unfulfilled dreams have now become those things they start a sentence by saying “I wanted” wanted…past tense as if it’s too late because people now realise that life is difficult and those once dreams are now memories of the dreams we had. We are in some ways thriving but surviving too not experiencing everything we want to and not satisfied with it totally. What is living to you?Are you surviving?doing all you need to do to pay your rent eat and look after family?a . Life doesn’t have to be perfect but we do give up on our dreams and don’t compromise to at least get them in part until the day where our dreams become a memory. We need to remember that surviving and living are two different things in some ways. We are still breathing either way but our life has become a balancing act and joy and the good things we take as a reward for all the hard work we are doing just to survive when really we don’t know how long we are here for and we should be teaching the next generations to prepare for futures they might have but to also live every moment they can too. So I still apart from the bad days Lol will always answer the same thing when someone asks me the question what is the meaning of life, I’ll always reply To Live It.