When I was told about this I honestly thought He was joking but no. A group of women have taken girls of colour from 8 years old to 11 years old and created a group called radical brownies. This group which is only for children of colour as they state is because the adults feel that it speaks to them directly. They are taught to promote LGTB rights And BlackLivesMatter issues. These are adult items.Now while it is important these girls learn about their cultures and they should be encouraged to learn about other cultures too but this should be taught by schools and parents but this group teaches these little girls that they are separate from other girls of non colour , how is doing that not pulling back on what we have tried to do by ending racism?! To teach people they are different because of the colour of their skin is cruel and racist. Also to segregate them from other children because of the colour of their skin is wrong. The girls learn about the black panther movement which should be a part of history but to children this young while not teaching them what other children of their age are learning is unfair and cruel. Stopping them from having things in common with other children by colour and activities. They take no part in the usual brownies events. This is a disgusting abuse using these very young innocent children indoctrinating them at a young age to do what the parents want them to be. It’s ok to teach children about the wider world but not at the cost of their childhood and their relationship with other children and indeed not teaching them that segregation is ok. Black people fought for segregation to stop, Don’t allow it to be pulled back 50 years.