In today’s world where we are rushing about and where let’s face it we can sometimes have enough of “bad news” as in horror’s,We can be selective when it comes to the news we do watch and so for the most part when people watch the news we are affected by the news that instantly makes us think or is related to our concerns and because we live in this fast paced society we turn to the news for truth fast in actual fact we find it very a little bit paranoid when someone says that the media is lying Lol. So what do we do now?! Lol . During the presidential election national news stations lied to the public repeatedly and it wasn’t just American news outlets. British news lied repeatedly and in one live stream actually made an attempt to decieve the public during a trump gathering in whcih you can clearly hear a vast amount of people yet media reported around 2000 people were at the event. During that particular event Trump challenges the media to turn their camera’s and show how many people are there and states that they wont in fact do so. At that point,we have to admit that there is a little bit of thinking Trump himself is paranoid and yet…The press media did not as requested turn their camera’s. I was watching it believing that the media had in fact not caught up with this Florida visit and had not put the figures in correctly but it didn’t change and when searches were made to find pictures of the event streamed live that day the media had placed pictures of a airport hanger. Only the public revealed in personal pictures the actual truth that in fact there was thosands of people there,well surpassing 2000 in fact almost 5 x as many people there. This happened again with Clinton but in the oposite way. The public claiming they had been taken from area’s and transported to events by the Clinton group themselves and media reporting huge support for Clinton despite the public photo’s showing only upto 500 people in some cases. In the Orlando shooting again we see the public showing a very different story than the one given. A police force arriving with more police and more cars than that actual orange county police force has and the inexplicable: How does one man shoot all of those people with guns he would of had to reload and not one person confirm that he actually did reload his gun?And how was he able to injure so many people from one position that would actually cause him to not be able to see some people that were shot. Again the public were telling the truth as later it was found several people died as a result of gunfire by the police in the polices attempt to stop the situation. And CCTV from houses on the street showed a still unexplained Orange county police force in uniform carrying a injured man towards the club itself. Again the public were fundamental in showing people something was very wrong with the story that was given out in the begining. Then take the shooting where a German man is heard clearly to be saying I am a german. Several media outlets claimed they were not sure of what he yelled and stated it to be allah akbar. Despite us clearly hearing differently. During the actually shooting there is random shooting by the actual man himself which you can clearly see and hear but inbetween this you can hear a rapid firse sucession of bullets,practiced and noticably hitting near the shooter. The public stated it was under control and in actual fact they were saying what we now know to be fully true that a non uniformed off duty police officer was the rapid fire and within minutes of the shooter coming out of a bulding and starting to shoot the officer saw him and gave fire.Although this was later found to be a attack based on the shooters own feelings of segregation and belief in Islam he did not however state allah akbar he clearly states “I am a german” The public in these cases showed us the truth on their twitter on their facebooks and anyway they knew how. Our BBC news recently told us in an article how to look further into media to investigate if we were seeing the truth. It used to be them who told us the truth but sadly those days are gone. With papers seemingly following agenda’s as in the case of Clinton papers who faked her stats to sell more papers saying that she would win they had the proof! Lol. To reporting on yet another shooting but despite the public telling us it is a man who attacked in the name os islam our media is not reporting his religous intent nor many facts really. USA today actually do have details and those are confirmed by the public too as correct. But we shouldn’t have to pick and choose which news media is going to tell us the truth. And their personal views shouldn’t affect what they report either! The public deserve the truth as fast as it comes out ,not to have their news manipulated for political gain or for any other gain. They are acting like advertisers which title can we put that will sell more papers and please everyone kind of mindset. Although they have admitted they have lied recently and apologised in some cases me like many are looking forward to one of these media groups finally putting truth first and we will thank them for it. Until then? When I see news I ask what did the people there see and that’s the only way for now we can find out the actual story.