Brexit was for many an event they didn’t expect which is ironic because more than half of us voted for it! Lol. A few additionals here… Several years ago we as a country were told that we would be changing our measuring system. Now… this would cost us money for our shops for people personally and there didn’t seem to be one actual reason to change such a basic thing and we didn’t think they would! We thought we will tell them exactly how we feel and the cost to us and they’ll change their mind. But in the end we had to go through with it and at a huge cost to everyone. Then we had issues with housing with local councils deciding that we would have to live in a area for two years before we could ask them for help with housing a rule brought in because of a housing shortage and because of influxes of people from other places. At one point people became aware of people who had overstayed visa’s and were now living illegally in order for them to gain money to send home to their own families. Often people in that situation were renting from a landlord but in a property that could contain 18 or so people in a 4 bedroom house. This was a way landlords made a vast amount of money. But the immigrants could live there, earn a wage to send home to mainly poverty-stricken families and because they were willing to do any job given. They would also take any wage that for an unscrupulous employer was used to bypass the laws of minimum wage he would have to give a UK resident.But the same was done legally too with several firms advertising abroad for staff offering room and board and paying a very low wage again instead of employing a local uk resident. Now the figures for this are not known and probably never will be but the public felt it was probably a high number and at this time we still do not know the amount of residents in the uk that outstayed their visa’s which is unsafe on one level because if we don’t know they’re here then we can’t offer them assistance if they are too scared to come forward and we don’t know if anyone here has a criminal record from the country they migrated from. Then the government decided to talk to us about our pound as the eu felt moving to the euro was in our best interests.Now… Over time our coins have changed but none represent the uk like the pound coin does and I don’t know the reason for this Lol It’s a British institution in it’s own right Lol.It was one step too far for many British people and people started then to question why was our government listening to the EU over it’s public, it’s taxpayers the people who employed the government, voted for them. We are a strange bunch in some ways Lol. We will be polite and concede for the greater good but don’t then abuse that and that is exactly what happened because people thought back to the pointless expensive changes to the measuring system and started to question who exactly did the government listen to? Us? Or the EU?  A series of events in other countries including greece showed how the EU responded and how we were supposed to respond.People became disillusioned with our own government and started questioning when they were last listened to by them. What happened next proved that people were right. We had been taught in the press that Farage was this racist man who said all these bad things and sure enough the government kept that fresh in our minds all the way upto Brexit but what happened and why it was a shock to the British people was that when we chose leave we did it because we wanted to tell them oi! we don’t agree with you! But..people didn’t know that most of the country felt the same,there was also this ingrained idea that we rarely get what we want anyway so we wont get leave and this idea that the government would rig! yes..rig! the voting and not let us leave anyway! .My choice happened after watching the man I loathed! Farage at the EU. Years of footage where he aged and each time he asked we the British people have given you what you wanted and our government has been soft and given you what you want so what do we get out of it? after all the money we pay you? I realised that I wasn’t voting to be a fan of him but that he was actually right our government had been repeatedly agreeing to what the EU wanted in the hopes that Merkel at the EU would finally give to the UK what she’d promised but never would. I voted leave and after all that? None of the govenment’s warnings….Lol came true..not one of them has actually happened our pound went down but it didn’t cause much of a dent.There still is artical 50 to come but the scare stories about Brexit? No. America wants to be the first to deal with us and other countries are wanting to leave the EU too. The remain voters forgot one thing a fact that runs through every British person breathing. You Cant Beat Britan. We might drink tea but Our major city is a worldwide financial institution! All over the world people know London and the uk Us?Out of the running? Nah… We might be polite and kind and a little bit reserved Lol but inside every brit is the heart of a bulldog Lol.