Short story is 4 adults and I’m using adults as they were 18 years of age kidnapped a disabled white man. Now..firstly I note his ethnicity because they repeated racial slurs against the man and made it clear that this was in part a reason for their torture of him. the BLM title. BLM of course stands for Black Lives Matter which is a common hashtag for issues that people in the black community feel need addressing. Now..No one is saying that ANY leading member of The Black Lives matter movement made this happen. That is NOT the case at all. In fact, I am certain that people in the movement are disturbed by this assault and a vast amount of members would not take this form of action against another person and certainly not a disabled person either. It was, in fact the members of this attack that used the BLM name as if the movement would validate their assault on a disabled white man. The fact is they used trump as a validator for their assault too but given how these “people” tortured this man and selected someone who could not defend himself it is more than likely that they would have done this or a lesser crime anyway. The problem with any movement or group or fraction is that there is always an opposite and the risk that the two will clash. The risk here is great that people from the black community will feel that they are being blamed for this and that members of white groups of the same nature as BLM will also get involved and this lead to riots and in fighting. Trump is elected. People live in the same towns and cities and want the best for themselves and their families. So the question is will people no matter what skin colour, no matter what culture or class stand together in this horror of a assault against a man who could not defend himself and work together to fix the fractions in the American society or will they forget this man is a human being and just use this to fight and argue amongst each other and blame each other for it. After 911 the American people were united with each other. This time make unity without bloodshed. 911 proved it’s possible. Only the American people can choose what future they’d rather have.