A SJW is also known as a social justice warrior. A group of mainly women who feel that they are oppressed members of society and that they are fighting for equality. However , SJW’s famously feel that the main oppressors of women are white males despite the fact that statistically white males are less likely to be homed as they are not classed as someone with exceptional circumstances like having a child or being from a minority. They were well known to have been forgotten about during research looking into breast cancer as it originally was seen as something women got. They are more likely to die in a work place accident. More likely to die earlier than women. are the biggest amount of homeless people in the uk . Are less able to receive medical treatment early. And despite us knowing all about man flu Lol Men are more likely to not reach out for help until sadly it’s too late. More likely to be in our armed forces and die in them and suffer from PTSD,They are also the biggest tax payers in this country too,so ironically put through school and college the very people who claim they are oppressed. To say that men are all rapists and have been born with “white privliage” despite us for the most part having unisex schools and despite the fact that in our country we have vastly more equality between the sexes than a lot of countries. The claim women earn less of course is true .However working women of very high rank are more likely to of put off having their own family. A mother has to fit in work in less hours and having children means less money to invest in her own education. But she’ll also live longer, be more likely to get medical help,have more support from various support services should she request it. She’ll also be more likely to gain her children in custody battles and courts during divorce will allocate the money from her husband,property ,meaning she is more than likely to gain half of all property. And should she be made homeless council services are more likely to house her as she has the custody of her children. While we invested in care for women over post natal depression,breast cancer ,domestic violence because previously they had been left without support over these issues but while we did that,white men were left at the wayside and shockingly still are. So while SJW’s scream and tell us we should be given more? Maybe they should stop for a second and remember the people who put them through schools,colleges,their banks,helped build the houses they live in,help them get tax credits when their income is low,the ones that put through laws for them to protect women, Are mostly? more than 62%? White Men.