As a mother of a son ,I’ve always felt it important that he grow to be a man of strong character, good moral convictions who respects others and can be respected himself,one who can achieve the goals he wants in life or at least,find some happiness in it. I don’t think of him as being a all powerful being squashing the rights of women,nor would he ever be. But SJW’S are a breed that feel my son,will grow up to have what they term as “male privilege” Social justice warriors as they are known believe that single white males have male privilege past women and that we should make men aware of this “higher power” and make them aware they shouldn’t have it. And all you have to do is look online or on youtube to see countless of these “warriors” smiling at you telling you how bad a white male is. Not only is that more than a little bit racist, the fact that these “people” are shouting from the rooftops that they are a victim just because white males live and breathe has a very dangerous side effect. White males are the last priority in medical care, mental health care,housing care, social care, but social justice warriors (SJWS) aren’t the victims. With more than half sjws being female, housing ,social and medical care are a priority for us, now while that’s not always been the case,women couldn’t vote once yes,women suffered hardship in divorce,yes,women suffered depression and domestic abuse yes, but those things though not entirely gone are more than changed.We don’t live in the abject poverty that women did years and years ago, we can remarry,we can vote,gps and medical staff and police look out for abuse and depression in women.With more care than ever before SJWS are yelling out as if they know what it’s like to live in those times while ignoring the awful fact that 3 out of 4 suicides are men which is a whopping 76% ,it’s the highest cause of death in a male under 35…that’s our sons.. .Men are also 3 times more likely to become alcohol dependent and only 36% have reached mental health help and 87% of homeless are male. While SJWS scream from the rooftops ,the men they call privileged are dying and no one one is hearing them loud enough to realize that although they aren’t screaming they are victims, they right now,are the biggest victims of all.