What is equal rights to you? See, I thought it meant women having the same rights as men legally only.But now days it seems to mean that we have to be totally equal, same jobs,same chores, same everything! What’s exactly wrong with us NOT being equal in our personal lives? Look every kitchen I walk into I can’t reach the top shelf of the kitchen cupboard ,despite women being shorter than men and being the main member of most households who use the kitchen,that is where my anger stops. Because at the end of the day he’s tall enough to change a lighbulb without a chair, he’s the one who is going to be able to fend off any burglar without a weapon. He’s the one who can do D.I.Y easier, he’s the one that can keep calm when there is a panic on, he’s the one who can be logical in a crisis. He’s the one that can be firm and fair when needed. And me? I’m the one that can take care of everyone at the same time, do the meals,the cleaning the chores,organise the appointments,think of everyone and not just one person, and that is the thing.Women and men are built differently, we think in a differently sometimes,have different ways of doing things but why are we fighting to find some form of equal? why aren’t we enjoying the differences,appreciating them? In my life, I respect what he does and what he can do just as he respects where I’m stronger, and what’s wrong with that? Why is it we can’t be who we are? A relationship isn’t about being exactly equal ,it’s about what you both bring to it,our strengths and weaknesses. I’m not going to try endlessly to do everything even the things I’m not even built for . It’s like the very muscular weight lifting women,it’s amazing they did it,they win,the effort the commitment but they stop looking female to do it, and it makes me think,why turn yourself into someone else?wear yourself out and make yourself feel guilty that you cant do everything! we’re human!  why not be you? What’s wrong with being a woman? We don’t need to be equal, both sexes will always have things we are better at than the other.I’ve heard couples row over simple things like washing up,and then the other person has checked if it’s done right, or it hasn’t been and then there is a row,oh come on, each person do what your good at and stop fighting!.Really,if we’re honest we need to learn to appreciate and respect the little and big things eachother do, and in there,lay’s the true perfection.