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Nothing But The Truth.

You have got to such a stage that you don’t even recognise real racism anymore. In fact you are probably guilty of it and don’t even know it, and I’m not talking about some nazi either.
Thing is, years ago Minorities fought to be accepted and there was no easy route you’d been treated by the colour of your skin and to get somewhere needed people to see you as a person. Now people learned this and realised that actually this worked on both sides, if you’re going to be here then you would all be together and make the country better, though you’ll accept that you don’t know about each others culture yet and don’t agree on some things, it settles down and things get better. Time passes and the differences are clear but slowly those who talk about it are those who are told to stop talking about it. A new generation is born, one that learns how things got the way they are, they’re angry, they feel that it helped hold them back and they want something done about it, they argue with the other side demanding all their grandparents are owed but the other side are angry, the other side are just like them, they work, they sometimes struggle, they also studied along side the people who are now demanding more, with both sides angry nothing moves but they both keep that anger silent inside them. Then there’s a change.. They get their wish, they will have help and now there’s a whole group of people out there helping, cept these people are different, full of smiles, saying they support, talking about how much you’ve been through, how if we notice or talk of our differences we’re holding people back, but it works. They won’t tell a minority person they can’t be educated for the colour of their skin but they will tell someone they need extra help because of the colour of their skin. Meanwhile others watch.. Everything becomes racial and instead of looking at the issues, people start looking at which ethnicity caused it. The smiling helpers bring up crime not being dealt with as racist ignorance of the suffering of Minorities but they do nothing to stop it, instead they smile and say “that’s racist” they point fingers at everyone yet still do nothing. The other side after years of watching are now angrier than ever before, they’re broke, they struggle, they’ve watched and seen things get worse and worse and nothing is done. Finally someone says there’s problems and starts naming the most guilty. It’s not what people do, years of silence means some are appalled and some are pleased. The divide is set, races against races fighting.
The smilers, happy to support Minorities but never helping them, keep pointing fingers at anyone but themselves, while everyone else fights amongst each other.
The thing is, ignoring problems doesn’t make them go away, giving crutches doesn’t make people grow and telling people what you can and can’t say teaches nothing.
And those smiley bunch will still be using you both as an agenda holding you back, changing nothing, and it’s them that owe everyone an apology.

Draw The Line

You have to have a line. When a friendship or relationship ends it’s pretty hard but one of the hardest is that in those we share a lot and our routine is sometimes built around another person in some respects,so when they’re gone-everything changes.Now at first, there is the sense of loss,even if you’re the one who walked away but also there is the freedom,having more time to yourself,not constrained to other peoples life and or rules.Now you may “mourn” in a sense them gone and some will try and establish at least why. And work out why things went wrong and if there is something they can do in future to avoid the same situation. Those first days and maybe weeks are hard and for some months,it’s different and there is no limit to it.You have these days where you realise the persons faults and you start to see clearly and those though at first rare will become more and more until one day,you wake up,not of course in a good morning sense,Lol. But you suddenly realise that you are better off or that they are. I recently had that very situation,I did meet someone else although you know me,I ran,Lol. Yeah…not doing that in a hurry for a while,kinda. Lol but I did think of an old friend and message them,I wanted to know why we could no longer be friends. Then yesterday…A lady of the moronic fashion decided to be on her mobile and mount the curb, the one I was standing on- It hurt,seriously you should see my leg but later I thought, this is it, life moves constantly.The point is, if a friend is a loyal person and not just disingenuois, how could they just decide not to speak,even over something small? I mean even if and in my case our last words were good and believe me I’ve nothing against him whatsoever and shall not do either but… to lose a friend is hard and if someone really cares about you,they’d still want to know if you’re ok and be making effort to fix things. If you’re chasing someone ,someone you were with or someone you were friends with,stop a second and think,if it’s a friendship with value with good and heart then why aren’t they trying to fix things too? Maybe we need to think of these things when not speaking to people and draw that line and realise when really it’s time to stop. Sometimes?People don’t try and fix things ,they just run from them or they aren’t honest about things and hide things and then it’s time to walk away with yourself intact knowing that really,a fundamental part of you both is different- because you cared enough to try. Draw the line.

We Are Proud Kafir

When we are attacked,when our people are killed,we have sorrow…we feel pain…we’re scared for our friends and family…This is what you what these “People” want, but they make a mistake…because it makes us realise a fair few things too. They are slaves to their ideologies,they are weak minded because they fall for the lies they are told,they end their own life for the words of a man that people claim he said from a book he never wrote and for a heaven they don’t know exists. They kill all ages- even people who belong to their own religion- which shows they have no morals.They remind us of animals. The idea that people keep them separately when their book tells them to treat others separately says much. They fail…they are nothing,nothing but mere animals and weak ones…They show us how better we are than them that we don’t do as they do,we do mourn,but also something else…it makes us stronger than them…it makes us better,we’re not weak to take others lives and our own for words written in a book because we looked at a few films. These people don’t even consider that those who encouraged them to kill,to commit jihad are actually out there far away living life. We are proud kafir. proud un-believers- proud not to be so gullible as those terrorists- and proud because despite the terror they send,we live free- a jihadist will always be the slave of allah.

We The People.

I’m sorry,but people got this wrong , you need to see the wider thought but we’re so irritated by false media that we all made the same mistake, we went with the anger and not the logic. People posting to make a point yet rightly yes but it would never of worked on that scale, most people forgot location settings. If you want power?You already have it, you’re giving them power every single day ,we’re subscribed.To every media outlet including the major fake news sites. You notice when you get more dislikes for something or more people join. How do you think the media would react to a un-masse exodus of subscriptions? Several people said oh well they’ve got these followers ect and they’re right, it includes the masses but those masses include us. It’s not even like we would be in media blackout anyway. They report what they want and you can still go to their pages to the news if truthful is out there or just look at the retweeted copies. You really want world wide effect that will hit hard? Get people to unsubscribe from the major fake news sites. Hit them where they really don’t want to be hit, Because they know full well some of those viewers wont come back. We have logic,we have to use it.

In Response; Splitting Up After An Affair.

Ok, So In Answer splitting up is a hard thing yes and it doesn’t always depend on how long you’ve been together but the situation does. The situation counts more than anything. In This Case An Affair. Yes, It’s Right To Leave,The reasons being this. You put his sexual health in danger by not being sexually protective yourself. Two an affair requires lies which are very hard to say to someone if you love them deeply. Three, It matters that a man knows if he’s a father, deciding to tell him as if he is, would cause extreme trauma not only to him when he finds out but to the child as well, now there is a possibility that he in fact would raise the child as his own but…The fact you have to ask and don’t know and your intent for the most part is lets be honest because I know no other way to be, your intent is to of had this affair and then continue a life with a man you’ve lied to,put at risk and betrayed. If you have some love for him don’t stay to take his stable financial life raising a child that isn’t his. Be honest with him,tell him everything, explain that he will have to be tested. You can tell him about the baby but don’t do it for sympathy. Do it so later if he see’s you he knows the truth that it’s not his. Be Honest, After 6 years, you owe him that.


Real Love.

Friends ask me how could they not of known after a break up ,they want to know why it’s difficult but…this is the issue we’ve forgotten what love is. True real love isn’t those emotions you feel when you first meet someone because you want to love and you’re falling with the them you see that first them, the first impression that first person you know the first month, you think you know everything about them but it’s the real them that one deep down you’re not able to touch yet that is the most important. The fundamental parts of them that are hiding in there that you’ve not met yet. Real love….true love is slow…It’s the one elderly people have after so many years knowing eachother in and out. its the one best friends since childhood have. It’s the one that you have despite trying not to! for friends you’ve known forever. It’s one that is there when you finally know everything about someone then you are loving them not because you want to but because you love who they really are, that…will always be the true love. The reason that people get hurt is because they open their heart to that person they are getting to know, the one they don’t know all of yet and then…when you see the real them it’s either when they’ve shown it or when you’ve seen it and you wonder how you got with them and loved them in the first place. It’s ok to fall in love with who you think you see, but be prepared to not be in love with who they really are.

As per…we will pretend I never had this conversation with you,Lol I got a rep to protect and it doesn’t include mushy love stuff ,come on! Lol. Though…it does make the world go round and a better place,now doesn’t it? Lol

Wage Gap-Real Or Fake?

The wage gap has been a subject for some time. So let’s explain.

These are the jobs that are the majority of female choices in professions(This List Is Also Availble Online.

  • Secretaries and administrative assistants. …
  • Registered nurses. …
  • Elementary and middle school teachers. …
  • Cashiers. …
  • Nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides. …
  • Retail salespersons. …
  • First-line supervisors/managers of retail sales workers. …
  • Waiters and Waitresses.

These jobs are some of the lowest paid jobs around. Now if you compare them to male jobs,Ie mechanic,plumber,plasterer,painter and decorator, business ,dr’s,dentists, these and more pay more than the jobs chosen by females. Also because of womens family commitments they also do part time work,more so than men so earn less in those sectors too. The study should of included more details into those things and also didn’t take in the fact that in a couple some monies are shared with the main breadwinner paying the heavier bills. So,wage gap? Yes…It’s fake, and lacked proper research before being published.

The Destruction Of Man By Women.

The society we live in currently is creating something awful and we’re yet to properly discuss it. Women are becoming more violent year on year, with the increase also having to reflect police/reporting increases as well as actual cases. Yesterday I was contacted by a woman who brought me into a discussion with another group of women. They discussed gender nutrality and how raising children to not have a sexuality made sure there were less rapes. I brought up a case of a 18 year old who had struggled with his masculinity as he was told it wasn’t a good thing who’d sadly taken his own life. The reply I got was “One less rapist” . I still can’t process that reply, I heard it but I still can’t get over the fact it was said. I asked legally how do I not have equal rights as I know in the states and the uk I have as many rights as any man. I’ve never been turned down for a job as a female and the suicide rate amongst men in the Uk at least is 3 times higher than the one for women,and this year set to hit four times higher. They told me “Well that’s what happens when they create a patriarchy” Women have equal rights.They were fought for by brave strong women years before us. In society today if a woman commits a crime she will go to prison for far less time than a man because shes female.In fact a man is more likely to be turned down for a job in a male environment when firms are trying to go for equality rather than skill and choose a woman. Women are more likely to keep their children and win custody battles too. Society is raising boys and daughters without male role models and teaching those children that masculinity, is a bad aggressive thing. They are teaching boys just the fact these boys that hormones are bad. They’re calling all men misogynists , rapists and claiming some form of privilege.,one that doesn’t exist and hasn’t for some time. They don’t want equality,they want to dominate man,men and boys. What about when they too have children?It wont matter how you bring up your child,they will be bullied and called a rapist and misogynist just like the men are,just for being born a male.That is the society they are creating,the destruction of man into a silent figure just obeying a womans rule and if he dare question if it’s fair he is called a rapist or said to be bullying a woman. Well,I’m a woman, and it’s not fair and it’s not right and it has to stop. When women ignore the fact people are dying to further their own cause for 50p pay gap per week then I want nothing to do with you.If anything it’s taught me who exactly I really should be fighting.

Beyonce…Just Getting Paid.

I’m gonna step on this right here and say it. All these people telling me that her album “Lemonade” empowers black women…. Someone best tell me how making a album saying and saying all black women need empowering ergo black women aren’t empowered already isn’t some racist wrong ass thinking right there. One, if that was some white guy singing about empowerment to white men this would be a whole other conversation. And two,I don’t know one black woman who wont stand up when she’s got to.I don’t know one black woman that needs empowering!If anything black women have been standing up for what they believe for a long time. I would of got a slap upside the head for saying all black women need empowering and you know what that stomps on every grandmother and mother and sister who showed women in the black community what being a black woman is. No One should be telling anyone your entire sex and your entire ethnicty is weak and needs support. She did this to get PAID and that’s all. If she really was thinking of women she’d of done one saying how strong they already are. And we already know no one would dare do an album for white women. They’d claim racism but it’s ok the other way? I’m a mixture ethnically and I’m not down with this. No way. Only woman representing empowerment grammy night was Joy Villa.

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